Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seven Hundred & Three Shades of Perfect

This polish is exactly how I described it in the title. You'll have to see it for yourself ...

Sally Hansen "Bronze Ablaze"
2 coats

 Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze is a limited edition colour that was released Fall 2011 and is  a brown/bronze based polish that has a pretty strong colour shift depending on your light source. (You can this really well in the pictures above.) The depth and shimmer practically hypnotize me.

I am head over heels for this polish. Sure, it's like painting a house, the brush is that large, but on my long nails (yes, these are EXTREMELY long nails for me) it works fine. The formula was excellent and glided smoothly over my nails. No problems to mention on that front.

Have I mentioned that I love this polish? 

I realize this isn't exactly the colour you think of for spring/summer however it was too good not to share with you, and I'm still uploading older posts... my nails look nothing like this now. Eeeep. (Hint: they're shorties. Very. Short. Be patient, they'll make a re-appearance soon.)

Scrangie posted a blog post a few hours ago with a similar type of polish which you should absolutely go check out here. The polish is fantastic and I absolutely adore everything she does. I'm such a fan-girl. :)
A Polished Touch

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Essie "Nice Is Nice" & Blog Layout Change

I had a ridiculously large amount of fun making my new banner. I will be the first to admit that I am not in any way, shape or form, technologically talented however that doesn't stop me from playing around on Paint for 2 hours. 

The final product looks pretty good to me. What do you think? 

Onto the polish.


Lilac is one of those colours that I don't have many of in my collection, although I'm very drawn to it. I will be remeding this over the coming months. ;)

Today I have for you Nice Is Nice by Essie, which I happen to adore. 

Essie "Nice Is Nice"
3 coats, with SV topcoat

 Nice Is Nice applied nicely, although slightly thin so I applied 3 coats for a perfect application. I love the Essie brush: small brushes do it for me, folks. Haha.


I wanted to jazz things up a touch so I added a light bit of China Glaze Frosty which I sponged to the cuticle area of my accent nails and then got my dotting tool and a couple of my ACO polishes out and dotted blue (Electric Ocean) and green (Jungle Green) polka dots over top. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

What is your favourite lilac polish?

Saturday, May 26, 2012


*peeks around corner* 
I'm sorry. No, really - I am.

... and I was doing so well with my blogging schedule. Part of me thinks that I have committment issues. Strange, considering I'm quite happily married. Ah well.

Update on me (that you are free to skip) and then I have a beauty to show you.

I (clearly) have not fallen off the face of the planet. If I had, it would be pretty super that the internet magically followed me. 

It's been a pretty roller coaster two months for me in the personal life arena, specifically with my job. (ie: applying and interviewing for higher up positions.) I had a pretty major emotional setback along that journey and am finding myself in a better place at the moment. Perhaps that's why I've found myself back here. 

I hold myself to standards that are too high and then my perfectionist/OCD tendancies get in the way when I can't reach those impossibly high standards. Then the anxiety kicks in. Compound that with personal/work/life stress and there you have it ... a receipe for a 2 month hiatus. 

I realize this is somewhat deep compared to what I usually post. Normally I try to keep my blog fairly light on the emotion (unless it's polish related - GOTTA HAVE POLISH PASSION!) however I felt like I needed to say a few things to let you, my cherished followers, know that I haven't abandoned my blog. Sometimes I just need a breather. If this was a means of income for me, I would be posting daily. Probably even twice. *dreams*

Anyway, enough with the heavy.

Shoppers Drug Mart recently got the Essence line of cosmetics back in their stores. (Recently as in March.) I was in polish heaven. If I remember correctly, I purchased 19 out of the 21 shades available. Good thing they retail at $1.49 each. ;)

The one that immediately caught my polish-lovin' eye(s) was "Where's The Party?" which is a purple and green duochrome that played very nicely with my camera. I layered one coat of WTP? over one coat of a basic black creme polish. (Please forgive me, this manicure was done back in late March/early April and I can't remember which black I used.)

I added some less-than-stellar quality photo's but I mean, c'mon, LOOK AT THE DUO-Y GOODNESS. You can't blame me.


PS: My nails have undergone a huge change. I'm quite nervous to share this change so until I pluck up enough courage to show you, I'll be raiding my drafts folder and blogging that stuff first. 

PPS: It's nothing dreadful, just different.