Saturday, April 2, 2011

A New Idea?

Let me begin by saying that the above photo is not a photo of my nails! My manicure from my post yesterday is still intact, thank goodness. (Please do not chip, please do not chip, LOL.)

I'm considering the above look as something I will try out when I get my Ebay haul in a couple weeks. Black tips have been trendy for a couple years now but I personally have never tried them and am eager to do so. Plus, with the addition of glitter (no pun intended... plus, addition...) I am raring to try this out!

I also mentioned that I am recovering from the terrible habit of biting/picking at my nails. I am proud to say that I have not even wanted to touch them - they look too pretty! I like to think of them as 'mini masterpieces'. Haha, I'll get there ...

Would you ever give this black & glitter tip manicure a try? Comment to let me know - I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Absolutely!! I do black gel tips all the time! Black and hot pink, or black and red... It's striking, and I like to mix it up!!

  2. I love this look!! I would wear this one everyday if I could. I'm finally growing my own nails out and it would be the best "all 'round" style. I think a hot pink/neon (green, aqua, etc.) colour would be a fun option too. One problem I find is when I use the "sticky strips" to define the nail line, the polish will bleed or the strip will shift. Of course, I also tend to rush and pull the strip off too early and pull the polish off with it. Woe is me. Love this post though!!

  3. I would def do black tips - I wouldn't be scared to try any mani - as long as you like it who cares? :) Can't wait to see pics!


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