Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mint Polish Comparison Post

This is rather late, but better late than never, right?

I have NO IDEA what is going on with my formatting, but please bear with me.

1. Gosh "Drizzle" - 2 coats
Not even close to mint, this polish is a very greyed out and
dusty, faded green creme.
2. Revlon "Minted" - 3 coats
This is like a more muted cousin of Sally Hansen's "Mint
Sorbet" (#10). Smooth and very pretty.
3. Essie "Turquoise & Caicos" - 4 coats
Jelly based polish, needing 4 coats for opacity. Leans slightly
more green and is darker than the others.
4. Essence "You Belong To Me" - 2 coats
More blue toned rather than a "true" mint. Great coverage
and application.

Round Two

5. Gosh "Silky Mint" - 3 coats
Medium warm toned green creme. Although the name says
it's a mint, it leans just a little too green for it to be
considered a traditional mint. Gosh has great formula's,
very easy application.
6. OPI "Mermaids Tears" - 3 coats
A dustier version of "Silky Mint" (#5). Love this colour,
perfect for a more muted mint polish. 
7. Cosmetic Arts, un-named - 3 coats
Very cool, blue-leaning mint creme. Wish it had a name. No
complaints with application.
8. Color Club "New Bohemian" - 3 coats
This is the quintessential mint - my favourite out of them all.
It leans the slightest bit more blue than green and I think
that's why I like it. It works well on my skin tone (it causes
the least amount of lobster-clawness out of all the swatches)
and looks very refreshing.
Round Three
9. Sally Hansen "Green Tea" - 3 coats
Pale, muted mint green. Pretty and whimsical. I love this
type of greyed out polish.
10. Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet" - 3 coats
Vivid but pale green mint. Perfect for summer; looks
awesome on tanned skin. Application was slightly thick.
11. Avon "Aqua Fantasy" - 2 coats
Very blue but has a very slight edge of green so I included it,
just to compare. White shimmer gives it a frosted feel and
the application was AMAZING. I need more Avon polish in
my life. Like yesterday.
12. Wet'n'Wild "I Need A Refresh-ment" - 2 coats
I kind of hate the name of this polish ... but the polish is
beautiful. More blue than green, the creme formula glides
on smoothly. Pretty but not quite mint. Mint-esque.

I wasn't exactly strict with my polish picking; I wanted to
include some polishes that lean a bit more blue (or green) just
to show the contrast to the what is traditionally thought of as
a mint polish. Personally, I feel like this helps the comparison

My favourite "true/traditional" mint out of these 12 that I've
shown is Color Club's New Bohemian. As I mentioned
above, it is a great polish against my skin tone. Unfortunately
for me, most polishes in this colour family give me lobster
claws and a bit bonus, and part of the reason why New
Bohemian won out, is that it didn't cause my hands to look
so red. The fact that it is the perfect blend of blue and green
also helped, haha. ;)

My friend J wanted a review on Minted by Revlon which I
swatched in this post, so for J and all else who want to know
a bit about this polish ...

Application was good although a little thin on the first two
coats. I added a third to smooth everything out and make it
perfectly opaque. It dries shiny in case you're wondering. (I
would still add topcoat for longevity.) I can't comment as to
the wear of the polish because I only swatched it but I find
Revlon to be fairly decent. I don't wear polish for much
longer than a 2-3 days and it lasts well during that time. All
in all, I would give you a big thumbs up and green light:
go buy it! :)

What is your favourite mint polish? Let me know!

- A Polished Touch


  1. Revlon Minted and Gosh Silky Mint are now on my Wishlist!

  2. hi ^_^ beautiful colors,dupes like the apple green of dior croisette collection spring/summer 2012

  3. Great comparison post! I think they're all really pretty. I have both Revlon Minted and OPI Mermaids Tears, but I haven't worn them yet. I also kind of want Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet now.

  4. Thank you so much!!!!!

    I do love the Revlon Minted now that I see it swatched. I also had my eyes on Mermaid's Tears, is it from the Pirate's of the Carribean collection? Also New Bohemian might be the polish to get me to add a new brand into my collection! It's absolutely gorgeous. :)

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    - J

  5. Oh, I love these shades! I think my favorite mint shade is Mint Candy Apple from Essie :D

  6. these all look very pretty, my favorite Mint is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet :)

  7. I loved seeing all the different mint polishes! Turquoise and Caicos is definitely one of my faves :)

  8. Brilliant comparisons! Wow, from sage green to turquoise, so many of these pictures would actually make beautiful half-skittle/half-ombre manicures--they're definitely some of my favourite shades, even if they lobster me like mad. ;)

  9. Good comparison. Revlon's "minty" is very pretty. 3 coats is a lot, but I like the color.

  10. I love this post! What a fantastic reference to all things mint!

  11. Awesome comparisons! They're all so pretty. :)

  12. I <3 ALL of them! I am a sucker for teals

  13. Very pretty! Now I have to get my hands on some pastel green polish!

  14. All these shades are lovely! Great Blog now following! x

  15. Sadly I have none of the polishes:(

  16. These polishes look great with your skin tone.


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