Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Post & First Nail Design

I sat here for two minutes thinking of how to start this first blog post. This being my first ever blog, I wanted to begin with something witty and interesting. I'll have to settle with just honest - that's good too.

A little about my blog. My latest beauty obsession is nails. I have been a *gasp* nail-biter/nail-picker for quite a long time, however I have since 'kicked the habit' and started this blog with the intention of journaling my progress towards healthy, beautiful nails. 

YouTube actually jump-started this latest obsession. After watching endless videos of nail tutorials of various styles I decided I wanted to share my newfound passion with others also. Blogging is the perfect fit! Without further introduction, below is my first attempt at doing something other than a regular, one toned nail look or french manicure. Enjoy!

The look consists of silver holographic polish on the bottom half with a black and purple micro glitter polish on top. I did the diagonal swipe free hand and was pleased with how straight it turned out. I am excited for them to get long so I can try some fun, detailed looks in the next month or so.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Despite your temporary writer's block I think this is a great start! Keep posting so I can try some of your tips from afar :)

  2. Awesome colours! Very pretty!

  3. That's really cool. I can't believe how straight it went for doing it free hand. Especially on your right hand! Good job :)

  4. Love it! I liked your comment: " newfound passion..." Anything to do with being in newfoundland? hee hee My nails need work for sure and this is great to read.

  5. Wow this is impressive for a girl who never would allow her nails to grow and now this....all about nails...where did my Ashley go. Really though, this is nice and also creative. I am glad you have found something that sparks an interest besides purses. Now I suppose there will be a nail polish collection instead....or maybe in addition to the purses. I hope to sample some of your work when you get home. Love you, Mom.


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