Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: L.A. Colors Nail Polish

This update is all about a new nail polish brand that I’ve found that I’m really enjoying. L.A. Colors. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to grow your nail polish collection this brand is a great option. I have recently (since Saturday) purchased quite a few different shades from this line. I am impressed with the quality of the product, especially since the regular retail price of each polish is only $1.99. To sweeten the deal, this week L.A. Colors has a 25% off promotion on this brand, therefore I paid $1.49 for each.

There are many different finishes such as glossy, duo-chrome, neon, glitter, and metallic. Below you will see the ones I purchased. I have at least one of each type however some finishes didn’t photograph well. I will put the name of each and it’s finish in the photo label. (If you’d like to see one photographed on its own, comment below!)

Also, there are two different collections by this brand, ‘Nail Lacquer’ and ‘Color Craze’. The first (Nail Lacquer) is what I believe to be their permanent collection. The second (Color Craze) I’m not 100% positive about; however, I have seen both collections together for the past few months. (The Color Craze collection names their polishes with the theme of ‘electricity, very cute.)

To shorten this list L.A. Colors will be “LA”; Nail Lacquer will be “NL”; Color Craze will be “CC”.

Back, Left to Right
LA, CC in ‘Voltage’ NP401 (Clear) - LA, CC in ‘Energy Source’ NP402 (Glossy White) - LA, NL in ‘Metallic Silver’ NP284 (Opaque* Metallic Glitter Silver) - LA, NL in ‘Black Velvet’ NP136 (Glossy Black) - LA, NL in Metallic Purple NP 287 (Opaque Metallic Glitter Purple) - LA, NL in ‘Rainbow Glitter’ NP 263 (Translucent Multi-Colour Micro Glitter)

Middle, Left to Right
LA, NL in 'Cotton Candy' NP238 (Duo-Chrome Light Pink/Blue*) - LA, CC in 'Electric Charge' NP405 (Glossy Pink) - LA, CC in 'Electrified' NP408 (Opaque Metallic Glitter Pink) - LA, NL in 'Shocker' NP355 (Purple Fuchsia/Blue) - LA, CC in 'Phenomena' NP423 (Glossy Purple/Fuchsia)

Front, Left to Right
LA, CC in 'Static Electricity' NP421 (Glossy Medium Blue) - LA, NL in 'Metallic Blue' NP288 (Opaque Metallic Glitter Blue) - LA, CC in 'Atomic' NP420 (Glossy Green Teal) - LA, CC in 'Force' NP410 (Metallic Bronze Gold) - LA, CC in 'Shock' NP419 (Glossy Neon Orange) - LA, CC in 'Wave Length' NP413 (Metallic Yellow Gold)

* Opaque means that is applies without being see-through. The metallic glitter purple, silver and blue are not regular glitters, they are full-coverage polishes on their own.
* Duo-Chrome is a finish that is two colours: the base colour and the reflective second shade that is reminiscent of a pearl finish. Absolutely GORGEOUS. Photo's below.
Duo-Chrome Light Pink/Blue 'Cotton Candy'
Duo-Chrome Purple Fuchsia/Blue 'Shocker'
As of today I have used the glossy pink 'Electric Charge', glossy black 'Black Velvet' and clear 'Voltage'. They come out very pigmented and wear well. I always use a base coat and a top coat with mine and have not noticed any chipping so far. (I use 'Voltage' as my top coat.) I will update in a few days time to comment if there are any changes.

UPDATE - It wore well, however on the fourth day my polish peeled back on one of my nails. Other than that, there was only very minimal tip wear and it was still quite glossy.

Thanks for reading. :)

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