Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wear Your Pearls, Darling

As you know, I've been trying to use more of my nail art supplies and came across my nail wheel of flat back half pearls. My wheel has a variety of sizes of these pearls and I chose the biggest size. Why not, right? Let's see what I did.

Grey: OPI - "Sheer" Your Toys, 2 coats
Accent nail: Holographic franken, 1 thin coat
Top coat: Seche Vite, 1 coat

"Sheer" Your Toys was released in the Holiday Wishes collection, winter 2008. I found it while snooping around drug stores in my area and found it amongst 60 other discounted OPI's over a year ago now. (Yes, I left with multiple polishes.) I can't believe that I'm only JUST getting to wear it now. I saw it posted on KarenD's blog "Frazzle And Aniploish" a few days ago (I love going through all of her posts, it's therapuetic for me in some strange way) and decided to finally give it a go.

"Sheer" Your Toys is a very pretty light grey polish. In the bottle you see what appears to be red specks, but they don't translate very well onto the nail. It ends up looking more shimmery, which I'm completely good with. The picture captures the grey side of this polish quite well but it lower lights, it has a strange color shift effect. Not like a duochrome persay, more like the polish looks lilac toned instead of straight up grey. KarenD also mentioned this in her blog and I was interested to see that I had the same result as well.

Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. I love those pearls, amazing. they look so cute with that polish.

  2. This grey is very nice (a perfect work safe shade), moreover I love polishes that shift a little bit (also the ones that shift a lot, I'm a duochrome addict).
    And I have way too many nail art supplies, too: I should start using them (but I'm lazy :-P).

  3. Ooh this is lovely! The pearls are such a pretty touch!


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