Saturday, September 3, 2011

Butterfly Award & Poll Request

Apparently I have nothing better to do than to type up posts at 1:15am in this morning because here I am doing just that! ;) I have an award to share with you that the lovely Meghan from Pinupcherrymakeup tagged me with eon's ago. (July, oh the shame ...) Thank you Meghan, you're a doll! 

Can I just point something out really quickly? "For the coolest blog I ever know".
Y-eeeeeeah. About that... anyway, moving along.

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you.
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself.
3. Answer the following questions.
4. Award 15 blogs.

Seven Things About Me:
1. I have purchased 400 bottles of nail polish since March 14th 2011.
2. My iPod had over 12,000 songs on it until it mysteriously died. (I used my iPod as an external harddrive for my music so I lost everything because it wasn't saved on my computer.)
3. My nail polish "hobby" is my longest running hobby besides playing musical instruments. I usually get bored and move onto something else to fill my spare time. My polishing ways are staying! I'm hooked.
4. I play brass, guitar and am trying to learn piano.
5. Makeup was a huge obsession for me for years until I found polish. I still love my makeup (and have a ton of it) but it takes second place to my love of polish.
6. I own over 60 lip products. (Lipgloss, lipstick, lip liner, lip balm...)
7. I was a serious, SERIOUS nail biter since I was a very young child (I'm talking like 3-4 years old) but have not bitten my nails for over 2 years! :)

Name your favorite colour – Purple & turquoise but if I HAD to choose just one it would be turquoise (my favourite shade is charcoal).
Name your favourite song – Is this serious? Uhhh, I'll just go with the current song I've been listening to on repeat for the past 4 days straight: Stars Go Dim - Like You Mean It.
Name your favourite dessert – Tuxedo Truffle Cake. Delish!
What is pissing you off? – Lack of time spent with my husband because of conflicting work schedules.
When you’re upset, you? – Clean with a vengence.
Your favourite pet – My dog.
Black or White? – Black.
Your biggest fear? – Unexpected loss of loved ones.
My best feature is – My "people skills".
Everyday attitude – Content.
What is perfection – Knowing my family is healthy and that I am loved.
Guilty pleasure – Night time snacking & excessive polish purchasing.

15 Bloggers I Award:
I am going to be incredibly lazy & tag everyone - YES, YOU - to do this. If you do this tag please let me know by telling me in the comments; I want to read your 7 facts and read your answers to the other 12 questions! I love getting to know everyone.

Also, just a quick mention about my poll (on the right side of my blog below my contact information). I would love it if you could give me your vote! I'm considering a few ideas for future posts and a little direction is always nice.

Are you going to do this tag/award? You should! ;)


  1. I play piano! I've always wanted to learn guitar but I don't think I ever will. At least I have some musical skills! Music and nail polish have been the only hobbies I've been able to maintain too. I get bored easily!


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