Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OPI's Fiercely Fiona + Yelleen Grellow?

Quick post today, folks. This is the mani I promised to show you the other when I posted about my mini-haul of 2 Sally Hansen polishes. I did this mani last week and it stayed on for 3 full days. Yes, you heard (read) me correctly. I added more photo's than I usually would because my camera didn't want to play nicely with this mani colour. C'est la vie ...

If I remember correctly this was 3 coats of OPI's Fiercely Fiona which I picked up in my haul last week.
It looks very 'buttery' in this photo but it is much brighter and leans more green than it shows.
(Indoors with ceiling light; see below for the true colour.)

I added Revlon's Pineapple Fizz which consists of a sheer yellow base with very small flakies and
glass fleck shimmer. I added Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the dots.

One coat of Seche Vite sealed everything in & dried it in under 2 minutes. (Outdoors at sunset.)

(Half shaded/sunrise.)
I think I'll call this kind of yellow "yelleen".
Yellow + Green = Yelleen
Green + Yellow = Grellow
Hahaha ...


Shade, again. See the mini flakies & glass fleck? Maximize by clicking!

Gotta run, hope you enjoyed this bright mani!

Is anyone else anticipating the fall/autumn as much as I am?


  1. I hate it when cameras do that... mine thinks is funny to do that with some purples. Love the pictures though, and the poka dots are so cute

  2. I love the accent finger... cute mani :)

  3. i LOVE this!! do you get your dots with just a basic dotting tool? I've been a little out of the loop this weekend! My apologies.. I'm trying to catch up!

    and FALL cannot get here quickly enough! I'm ready to wear all my vampy polishes!

  4. I am so anticipating autumn! I can't wait to try out some new nail art designs for the season & holidays to come. I have several polishes that have this Grellow look to them... not a huge fan of it, but this shade looks more yellow.

  5. I can't wait for it to cool down! It's finally starting to this week...90's instead of 100+ degree heat! I like the polka dots!!!

  6. I love this mani a lot . It's so simple but so cute .

  7. This color is perpetually on clearance at my Ulta. I don't think it went over well with the public, lol! It's not my cup of tea but it looks nice on you :)

  8. I am waiting on FF to arrive in the mail, can't wait to get it. I kick myself for not getting the entire Shrek collection. I like it on you, especially with the Pineapple fizz and dots!

  9. Adorable manicure. I really like the layering you did and the polka dots on your accent nail. :D

  10. love the accent polka dot nail! Too cute :)


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