Thursday, September 1, 2011

OPI "Funky Dunkey" with Accent Nail

Happy September 1st! I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it before but purple is one of my favourite colours. (Teal/turquoise is my other favourite colour and charcoal is my favourite 'shade'.) That being said, my mani today showcases my love for purple with OPI's Funky Dunkey. I picked this polish up the past week and am so glad that I did. Two coats for opacity and HIGH SHINE. Seriously folks, if I wasn't so in love with my Seche Vite I could have worn this polish by itself. Itself! Coming from me ... well, that's crazy. ;)

2 coats of OPI Funky Dunkey with no top coat. So shiny! (Indoors)

Outside. Ergh, bubbles on my index finger. Human error, the polish is perfect.

I decided to have some fun! Beads, black striping, gold glitter, ouuu.

Please continue to excuse the state of my cuticles...

I love adding a little something extra to my mani's and thought this was rather fun. I'm not quite sure what it's supposed to be, I kind of just went with it. *shrugs* Abstract. That's what it is. 

I have a question. If you are reading this and have used the Two-Way Nail Star Nail Art Polishes (*whew* long name ...) from eBay do you find them hard to use? I have had to add a few drops of polish thinner to mine and I'm still not loving it. Sure the polish is opaque; maybe it's the brush I don't like. My lines always seem to ... meh. I am always surprised when it looks how I intended. Perhaps I should invest in some detailing brushes. Any recommendations?

One thing I want to mention about this mani: the metal beads on my accent nails tarnished. I wore this to work and about 6 hours in I noticed them starting to look rusty. I don't think that my Seche Vite wanted to play nicely.

What's your preference: one polish mani, accented mani or full blown designed nails? Let me know!


  1. Loving the accent finger . Funkey Dunkey is such a pretty purple .

  2. How do I not own this color? I am loving your accent nail. What did you do for that black whispy look? Is that just free hand?

  3. I love this and I regret not picking up the entire Shrek collection when I had the chance! I really like the accent nail. The more out there and wild the mani the better to me!
    Oh, and I picked up a nice set of brushes on Ebay for a few bucks from edeal8.

  4. OMG... I love that accent nail!

  5. 2nd to how do I not own this color? Love purple & loveee this.
    Cute accent nails! I found that the metal accent beads rusted on me as well so I started getting the plastic ones instead.
    I prefer full blown nail art, accents, embellishments, sparkles, etc. i'm a tacky biotch and looooove it!
    PS- how are the striper brushes on the Nail Stars? Thin, thick, long or short? thx :)

  6. nailtopia & Toyomi - I agree, this purple is one of my favourites.

    Krissy - If you come across Funky Dunkey, buy it! The black on my accent nail was done free hand using a nail art polish. :)

    Tera - I'm going to try a really jazzed up mani sometime in the future (once I have an idea I really like) so I'm happy to know someone will dig it. ;) Thank you for the brush info!

    imfeelingnail-venturous - Thank you, me too!

  7. I usually like to go with the accent nail. It leaves a cute design while not covering up the true beauty of a nail color. By the way, love this color! So grapey!

  8. 7bridges - I wasn't sure if it was just my batch of beads that became rusty so thanks for letting me know! I will have to find the plastic ones on eBay. Keep watching this space for a ful on embellished, crazy fun mani! The striper brushes I use have a medium length, medium thickness brush. I personally perfer them to be thinner.

    Peace, Love & Polish - I agree with your tastes in nail art although there is nothing like trying something new, just because you can! :) Grapey is the perfect description of this polish!

  9. I love this polish .. this is one of the first OPI I purchased! Love the accent finger!

  10. Awesome color & I love your accent nail!

  11. super purple, i have a mini of this and am lemming the full size, the accent nail looks lovely, and i also hated the nail art pens from ebay and you should definitely order some detailing brushes, they're cheap and reallly good : )


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