Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Sally Hansen Fuschia Flare & Revlon Grapefruit Fizz

Happy Pink Wednesday! I have to say, it feels really good to be blogging again. I finally got my rhythm back and posts lined up rarin' to go. It's nice to be a head of schedule rather than battling it every day. Leslie from Nail Polish Art Addiction did a post in August called "How do you blog?" (click to read her post) and I found it very interesting to hear how she tackles blogging. I'd love to hear how you blog - comment below and give me the 411! ;)

All right, mani time. Ever since I got the Revlon polishes in my haul I have tried 3 of them. Pineapple Fizz was in my last post, Grapefruit Fizz in this post and Colada Fizz in my upcoming Blue Monday post. (I told you I was ahead!) If you can find these in your local Wal-Mart, drug store, etc you seriously need to pick these up. I am missing a couple of them and will be scouring various places to try and complete my collection. Yes, even though I am on a no-buy which I am turning into a "low, low buy" because I am intending to cheat.

Without further ado, my Pink Wednesday mani.

Sally Hansen - Fuchsia Flare, 2 coats. This polish tends to get a little thick
when applying so I had to shake it after every couple nails.

No topcoat, shiny!

Revlon - Grapefruit Fizz, 1 coat is layered over top.

Click to see the mini flakies and glass fleck; beauty!

One thing I didn't mention in yesterday's post was the fact that these polishes are scented. Pineapple Fizz was very sweet smelling with a vague scent of pineapple. Grapefruit Fizz was mostly just sweet; I'm not sure if I actually smelled grapefruit or not but it was quite pleasant. I'm a hand-talker and my husband said he could smell it when I was flapping my hands around while talking to him. (Isn't that a lovely image? Haha.)

Do you own any of these Revlon polishes? Scented polishes: fad or fun?

PS: Do you like my new layout and "look"? I think I might actually keep this. ;)


  1. I keep seeing the fizz polishes at the store, but always seem to pass them up...maybe I should try some!

  2. Sandra - Thank you, I think so too. Very girly.
    Polish and Charms - You definitely should!

  3. I like Grapefruit Fizz. I'm pondering snatching it up the next time I see it. I like the way it smells! And I definitely like having posts ready to go, I write them on the weekend and then publish them throughout the week. Much less stressful!


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