Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Belated Mother's Day Flower Design

I'd like to wish a belated 'Happy Mother's Day' to all the Moms who might happen across this post. I created a look especially with my Mom in mind.
Base Colour is 4 coats of Revlon 'Lilac Pastelle' 185
The flower detailing was created using water based acrylic paints purchased at any craft store

Her favourite colour is purple and we used to have toll-painted candlestick holders that I remember vividly so I decided to combine the two. I started with a pale, pastel lilac colour for my base. I then took my dotting tool and using the smaller end I used pink water-based acrylic paint and made a small dot in the upper corner of my nails. I flipped my dotting tool over and using the large end created the four white dots (water-based acrylic paint again but in white). Then I took a small detailing brush and created the petals using a light green. For added effect I went back in using a dark green and created a 'shadow' on the petal. If you click on the image you can see this in greater detail.

I wore this look for two days before changing it up. My nail polish collection seems to be steadily growing and I am always so excited to try new looks out, hence the short lifespan of my designs. At least they are 'immortalized' here. Haha.

Thanks for reading.


  1. i remember those candlestick holders :)

    you should try using that lilac base, any fun colour really - pastel or otherwise, with white diagonal tips (think back to one of your first entires with hot pink and black criss-cross tips). i think it's very "spring-time".


  2. This is so cute! The perfect spring/mothers day mani!! :)


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