Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nail Look: Blurple + My Current Project

Hey everyone! First off I just want to say "hi" to all the lovely new people who have become followers on my blog. It means a lot that you would take the time to follow me and my (not-so-little) obsession. :)

I normally get right to the manicure, but I just wanted to let you know about my current project: swatching all of my polishes. As of today I have 258 nail polishes, not including nail art polishes - ie: Art Deco, etc. Thankfully my husband is a *really* good sport and helped me organize them. He even created an Excel spreadsheet for me as a reference guide. :) With all that said, let me know if you would like to see them once they're all done. I know I love seeing what polishes other people have!

Anyway, onto the manicure. I wore this look about 4 days ago and it lasted a whole 3 days! *gasp* I know. A rarity, but it does happen. The funny thing is, I would have taken it off sooner but my husband went away for a couple days and took the camera so I couldn't take any photo's. Lame.

Base colour is Sinful Colors "Crystalline"
Diagonal swipe is Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry "Buffy the Violet Slayer"
(Sorry that it's blurry - I was in a rush.)

The next day I added a glitter polish to make things a bit more fun.
Sinful Colors in "Purple Blue Glitter"

The glitter matched perfectly - score!

You can really see the tip wear in this shot.
I painted my base colour and then taped off my nails to add the purple diagonal swipe. I usually do this free-hand but ever since I tried my tape mani I have grown to like the "exact-ness" (I made that word up...) of the line it creates. When I added the glitter polish I just free handed it, being careful to keep it only on the purple area.

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