Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Leopard Print Mani

I'm back with a new look that I created last Sunday. I wanted to try out the leopard print that everyone has been showcasing lately. I will admit that I really dislike how it turned out but it was definitely a learning process.

Base colour: L.A Colors "Mega Watt" - 3 coats
Spots: OPI "Brisbane Bronze"
Outline: Black Water-Based Acrylic Paint

My mother-in-law said it looked like I had "measles".
Grrrreat ... haha, I do love her, I promise.
Lesson learned? 
1.) Make irregular shapes for the spots instead of using a dotting tool and making perfect circles.
2.) Do NOT use acrylic paint to outline, use black nail polish. 

I found that the acrylic paint wasn't going on opaque enough for my liking and was leaving bald spots. Needless to say this manicure lasted a total of 3 minutes - just long enough for me to snap a couple pictures. I firmly believe in showing both good & not-so-good mani's so that way we all can learn something. :)

I have a lot of different colour combinations and ideas for future leopard print looks in the future. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.


  1. i actually like it, its a very classic leopard. i think lauren conrad had a mani just like this a few months ago

  2. you did the leopard prints so well :D looks really natural! where do you find your sinful colours? shoppers?

    following you as well :) hopefully blogger's followers widget starts working again...

  3. This is such a cute design! Thank you for your nice comment, I'm following your blog now too :)!

  4. Hey! Thanks for following me, took a look at your blog and I like what im seeing hehe :) Ideas!! :P

    I did a free hand leopard print for one of my first posts and I found I didnt really like it at first but if you add just black bits/blobs instead of all dotted colour and black it tends to look a bit better!

  5. Ficou realmente uma gracinha...

    Beijos ...


  6. Very nice manicure. I like the colours also.

  7. I like it, it looks pretty cool. Your blog looks great too, I'm now following :)

  8. I like this! I've never been brave enough to try leopard print but maybe I will now following your tips :-)

  9. You are all so sweet!

    @Belle - I purchase them from Lawtons.


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