Monday, May 23, 2011

Sister Mani: Gone Dotty

I went to visit my sister a couple weekends ago armed with a lovely bunch of polishes and dotting tool in hand. She mentioned that she liked my "Polka Dotting Fun" look that I posted earlier this month and so I re-created it for her on her cute (short) nails.

Polishes Used:
Base Coat - Rimmel 60 Seconds "Clear" 740
Base Colour - Rimmel 60 Seconds "Silver Bullet" 730
Polka Dots
Essence Colour & Go "Check Me Out" 18 (Green)
Essence Colour & Go "Sundancer" 23 (Yellow)
L.A Colors Color Craze "Atomic" NP420 (Teal)
L.A Colors Color Craze "Nuclear Energy" NP417 (Purple)
L.A Colors Color Craze "Static Electricity" NP421 (Blue)
Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry "Everybody Loves Redmond" 221C (Red)
Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry "How I Met Your Magenta" 233C (Pink)

This time around I chose an opaque pearl finish base colour rather than a sheer one. I feel like it allows the dots to really pop. I like the contrast between the pearl base colour and the polka dots with their creme finish*. Personally, I prefer this take rather than my first try. Experimenting always pays off. This could be really fun with a creme finish base colour and shimmer or glitter polishes for the dots as well.

* "How I Met Your Magenta" has a slight shimmer but because so little polish was used they appear to all be creme finishes. (Noted for those who are polish-obsessed and know that she isn't a 100% creme finish.)

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. This is so cute, i love it! I wish i could do something like this. I've tried many times but it just ends up in a bit of a mess :( xx

  2. I replied to your post on my blog but just in case: I love this and I'm going to attempt some sort of variation on it for one of my upcoming manicures!


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