Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Challenge: Icing "Secret Stash" French Mani

Happy Sunday! Today I have a mani that I wore for all of 5 hours before cringing one too many times and literally scraping it off my nails. (Terrible, I know.) The second 2012 Challenge mani I have for you is a french tip mani. I don't usually like the traditional french tip so I made it my own and used pink and black. 

Secret Stash, 2 coats

I will admit, I hate the nail sticker and rhinestones. I thought it would jazz things up but I ended up hating the result. I was literally running out the door after taking the last photo and didn't have the option of taking it off. Anyway, by the time I was heading back home half the mani was destroyed by yours truly. I picked the stones and stickers off and was scraping the black tips off. I used the Two-Way Nail Art Polishes and let me just say it: they are terrible. They dry horribly and it's possible to scrape the polish off even 3 hours after applied, even with a nice coat of SV on top. I'm disgusted.

Onto the good parts of this mani. Icing Secret Stash is the most perfect pink polish. It is so vivid - it's what I think of when I think quintessential pink. The second good part was the I free-handed the black tips and I feel like I did a relatively good job, considering how goopy and messy this nail striping polish is. I wanted a really thin black line but because of the terrible consistency of the polish I had to make it slightly wider than I had wanted. Oh well, for 5 hours of wear, I can deal.

[EDIT: I would classify this polish as a jelly crème consistency. Thanks to StephanieLouise who asked me that in the comments - I forgot to mention it! I consider the jelly crème to be another good thing about this mani - it's a great finish!]

Black tip french mani - they're still on my "cool" list. Are they on yours?


  1. I think this is pretty! :) the nails sticker were not bad. I lovee the black french tips! :)

  2. Is the pink shade like a jelly? All the nonglitter/shimmer polishes I have that are icing have been some form of a jelly consistency.

  3. Aw I really like this!! I love the pink with the black tip!! :D

  4. StephanieLouise - Thanks for asking, I forgot to mention that. I would categorize it as a jelly crème. I love the squishiness!

    Lydz & Ashesela - Thank you.

  5. Lol aw haha. Your mani looks really cute though :) I still love black tips! They're definitely on the cool list haha.


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