Friday, January 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength "Sunrise, Sunset" & Flakies

I'm back again with my second post today and with another polish colour that I don't wear too often: orange. I found this polish while perusing a Sally Hansen brand I don't usually pay much attention to which is their Diamond Strength line. I'm somewhat disappointed, yet again, at the lack of shimmer showing up in the photo's. Feel free to enlarge them so you can catch a glimpse of the green shimmer.

Sunrise, Sunset - 3 coats, no topcoat

I wore this all day and when I got home from work Mr.Polish had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. He had gotten a phone call during the day from Sally's saying that Twisted and Flashy were in stock and that they were put on hold for me. Being the sweetheart that he is he went and picked them up for me. I took Flashy and worked a little magic on Sunrise, Sunset ...

Flashy, 1 coat over "Sunrise, Sunset"

Sunrise, Sunset is warm medium toned orange with green shimmer throughout. Application was a little thin and after 3 coats of polish I could faintly see VNL. I think this polish would look amazing layered over another polish, perhaps a deep red or black.

Flashy is an orange/green flakie but you can see gold as well in the colour shift. I have read around the blogosphere that this is the flakie polish that has the most amount of dupes available -- Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Nubar 2010, Essie Shine of the Times, etc -- so if you can't get your hands on this one, chances are that if you have the dupe, you'll be okay. 

At the time of getting this polish I didn't own any of those so I was very happy to add this to my collection. (Since then I have purchased Essie Shine of the Times because I'm a flakie-freak, haha.)

Are you "flakied" out or can you not get enough?


  1. Gorgeous color!! Love it with the flakies. I'm not flakied out yet ;0).

  2. I can't get enough of the flakies!!! Lovely color on you!

  3. I have Sunrise Sunset, and I think you're right about it needing to be layered! I'll have to try it. The flakies look wonderful on it!

  4. I love the flakes over Sunrise, Sunset! I'm still into flakies :D

  5. Flakies are great! I just can't stop looking at it!

  6. Ohh lovely orange! Looks really good on you! I like the shimmer and absolutely love it with the flakie! Can't get enough of them :D


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