Monday, January 30, 2012

Blue Monday: Orly "Royal Blue"

Happy Blue Monday! Today I have a polish to share with you that I am completely in love with: Orly Royal Navy. It should be no surprise who picked this polish out, none other than Mr.Polish himself. I swear, every one of you needs one of him. (Just not mine, he's taken, good & proper, haha.) 

Royal Navy, 3 coats - no topcoat
Excuse the little bubbly thing on my ring nail
That aqua shimmer gets me every time. *drool*

How delightful is this polish?! I am so immensely in love with wearing blue polish it is crazy that I don't post blue mani's every day. Yesterday, a good friend of mine -- I will refer to him as "Mr.Hockey" -- said he loved when I wore blue and purple polish so this one's for you, good buddy. ;)

Royal Navy is a vivid, jelly-like blue with intense aqua/teal shimmer. I tried Googling the various types of blue so I could pin-point the exact name of this particular shade and the closest I came up with is "Ultramarine" (if you click the link check out the second "synthetic" ultramarine blue). 

Application was good, a little thick, but nothing that a little patience couldn't help with. My advice is to polish a couple nails and then put the applicator back in the bottle and gently roll it between your palms a couple times. I found that the polish tends to build around the bottle neck and that's where you can run into some issues. Next time I will add a couple drops of polish thinner, that should fix it.

What's your favourite blue polish? Okay, okay, you can chose your top 5 - chosing only one would be cruel. ;)


  1. This one is one of my fav blue polish! :)

  2. Gorgeous :D And I don't own it, what a shame XD

  3. I need this! I should pick it up next time I'm at Sally's (it's in the permanent collection, right?). Gorgeous blue and the name is just fitting since the boy is in the "royal navy" lol.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOO I love this! It looks alot better on you than on me! I love blue monday! I cant pick a fave blue!

  5. This is super pretty! It's been on my wishlist for a while. I think my favorite blue to date is Zoya Crystal.

  6. Polish AMOR - Woot, me too!
    Else P. - A shame, indeed.
    Julie - It's permanent and definitely appropriately named for you. ;)
    Micki - I'm sure it looks great on you, too! It's so hard to choose a fave.
    Melissa - I wish I had easier access to Zoya because Crystal would be MINE instantly!

  7. Beautiful!!! I like your mani!! You can visit my blog and we can follow each other

  8. MiniStyle - I already follow you, m'dear. :)

  9. I looove this so much. And yet for some reason I still don't have it... this situation needs to be remedied.

  10. love this one. it's definitely in my top 5 blues, along with Revlon Royal, Lynnderella Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue, DL Across the Universe and Kleancolor Blue Eyed Girl :]

  11. lol this is a really pretty blue! My favorite blue right now is...Color Club's Trippie Hippie :D


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