Monday, January 30, 2012

Blue Monday: Wet'n'Wild Bijou Blue & Color Club Platinum Record

Blue Monday, round 2! Not too much to say in the intro except that I hope Mr.Hockey likes this blue polish, too. ;)

Bijou Blue, 3 coats - no topcoat

Bijou Blue is an absolutely gorgeous blue/aqua/teal but applied a little thin. I applied 3 coats and you could still see VNL although it wasn't as apparent IRL. (Apparently I'm lovin' me some abbreviations.) The shimmer gets me Every. Single. Time. Application was very good although like I said, a little thin. Just be careful that you don't flood your cuticles.

I wanted to add some bling to my mani and had been wanting to try out some of my new Color Club glitter polishes from the Backstage Pass collection, so I took out Platinum Record and went to town.

Platinum Record, 1 coat - Seche Vite, 1 coat

The silver glitters look black at some angles in my photo's but I can assure you that they are only silver. This glitter polish is comprised of large hexagon and micro-round silver glitter. They are densely packed into a rather thick, goopy clear base. Honestly, application was dreadful. Let me explain.

I put on the usual amount of polish I would use and tried applying like I usually do. This did not work. The glitters clumped and the clear base didn't cooperate or level at all. I took the tip of the applicator and had to place the glitters in a more appropriate order. It was time consuming and a little annoying but I love the effect it has on this mani. When I went out to the mall after applying this (of course I decide to go with the most annoying glitter to do as my full mani) I got a ton of compliments and comments on it. I was pleased and felt as though it made my effort worth while.

As I wore it, the rather thick coat of Seche that I applied seemed to be swallowed by the glitter because I could feel the edges of the hex glitter sticking out and could actually pick them off, which I did because I'm naughty like that. Haha. Oh well, mani's never last longer than 24-30 hours anyway! Oh, the life and times of a nail blogger. ;)

Glitters: pain in the "behind" or worth the effort?


  1. I approve of this blue polish. Although all the glitter seems like a pain in the "behind" and not worth the effort since you picked it off. I like the simple look ;) But hey, gotta please the masses.

  2. Mr.Hockey, I'm so honoured you graced my blog and commented. I know your preferences and therefore knew you'd prefer me to leave it as it was, however the "masses" as you so eloquently put it, love them some glitter. Who am I to withhold that from them? ;)

  3. I love the look of the glitter despite the time consuming application; my first thought was: raindrops!!

    ps: "...comprised of large hexagon and mirco-round silver..." typoed micro :)


  4. I think it's hard to go wrong with glitter! gorgeous!

  5. Very pretty! I had a horrible initial experience with WnW, but luckily it was just because of the humid weather. This one is nice!

  6. Oooh! I adore this manicure! The sparkles are just gorgeous not to mention that shade of blue is incredible. I need some new shades of polish! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter!

  7. Such a lovely combination! Well, your hard work pulled through! The glitters look fabulous :)


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