Saturday, January 21, 2012

Layering Finger Paints "Asylum"

I've been playing around with my Finger Paints special effect flakie polishes. Before I took off my Over-Exposed In South Beach from earlier this week I thought I'd play ...

Asylum, 2 coats over OPI Over-Exposed In South Beach
No topcoat on any of these photo's.

Asylum is a blue/orange flakie that leans more indigo/coral over the OPI polish. I'm in love with my flakie polishes and am so glad I could finally get my hands on all 5. 
*goofy little seat dance*

Gorgeous flakie-ness. Need I say more? Hopefully not, because I gotta head to bed! ;)


  1. Hey look, I can leave a comment now! Woohoo! I really should have gotten this collex sooner, I went to two Sally's today. The first one only had Flashy left which I didn't want, the second one only had Flecked, which I did want. I'm sad I didn't get Twisted though!

  2. looks awesome! i need 2 more...and im so upset at myself cause i didnt get them when i had a chance. :(

  3. wow, love this layering! great color to put underneath:]

  4. Laura - Big "yay" for being able to comment! :) I'm sad you couldn't get your pretty polished fingers on Twisted. You can try layering the ones you do have and it'll come out with a similar effect. I'm going to try that out in a future post, I think.

    Lydz - Thank you! I talked with all the Sally's workers until they would check out back for me, and then asked if they would make a waiting list for them, that's how I finished the collection. ;)

    Girlie Blogger & SeeSarahSwatch - Thanks, ladies!

  5. lol! yay for flakies! they're so fun :D


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