Friday, January 20, 2012

Color Club "Back To Boho" Collection - Part 3

Quick post tonight, folks. I'm sure you don't need an introduction - the title says it all.

 From L to R: Rebel Spirit, Voodoo You Do, Artsy Crafty, New Bohemian

None of the above photo's have topcoat.

Rebel Spirit (3 coats) is a jelly based dark brown polish. Great application.

New Bohemian (3 coats) is a crème based Tiffany inspired green/blue. It applied a little streaky at first but the third coat evened everything out nicely.

Voodoo You Do (2 coats) is a gorgeous steel green. Not quite sure how to categorize the finish, but it's beautiful. One of my favourites from the Back To Boho collection.

Artsy Crafty (2 coats) is a beautiful crème based dark green without leaning so dark you can't tell it is actually green. This is another favourite.

To wrap up this collection I would have to say that my favourites are, in no particular order: Nouveau Vintage, Artsy Crafty, Shabby Drab, Red-ical Gypsy, Rad Nomad and Voodoo You Do.

That's all for the Back To Boho collection. What did you think of the 3 part review?

Do you own any polishes from this collection?


  1. Love all of these too! I like Color Club polishes lol. Loving your swatches!

  2. I love all of these. I haven't tried Rad Nomad yet but I need to ASAP!

  3. I have some of these! They all look lovely on you!

  4. Wow... no top coat??! :O Amazing! These are so beautiful. I've never tried any Color Club polishes before. New Bohemian is my favourite of this bunch! :D


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