Friday, January 13, 2012

L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Polishes

Lately, I feel as though I keep yammering on about Winners and today is no exception. I also feel as though I keep buying polish even though I specifically said that one of my New Year's resolutions was to spend LESS on polish. Anyways...

While on my crazy "shop at every Winners in a 30 mile radius" nail polish finding spree, I picked up 4 of the L.A. Girl Glitter Addict polishes: Eutopia, Explosion, Nostalgic and Uninhibited. I used 2 coats of Wet'n'Wild Black Crème (on the index, middle and ring) and French White Crème (on my pinky) as the base for each of these glitter polishes.

 From L-R: Eutopia, Nostalgic, Explosion, Uninhibited 

I thought this shot looked neat. *nerdy smile*

I won't lie, I love me some glitter and let me tell you, these delivered. These swatches are one coat of polish over top of the base coat and they applied perfectly. Good glitter distribution with basically zero effort. A quick sweep of polish and voila! 

As far as I can tell, all four of these polishes consist of a regular sized hex glitter and micro-round glitter. 

Eutopia is a beautiful, vivid purple that leans slightly blurple to me. Explosion has a disco ball-like effect on the nails and I think that would be really evident if I had layered it over a metallic silver. Nostalgic is a blue leaning green with micro holographic glitter thrown into the mix and Uninhibited is a black glitter. I did notice that in my bottle of Uninhibited I have a couple teal and red glitters mixed in. There are only a few, but I'm very curious as to how they got in there. Does anyone have this polish and can verify if theirs has them too?

I would say my favourite out of the 4 that I purchased would be Uninhibited because this is my first black glitter polish. What an interesting effect; I will be trying out some different layering combinations with this in the future. The runner-up would be Nostalgic because I like the mix of teal and holographic glitter - lots of dimension and sparkle. Very fun!

Black glitter polish - do you own one?


  1. I LOVE Uninhibited. I have that one and Eutopia and they're gorgeous! And after inspecting my bottle of Uninhibited, I did notice one red glitter and one teal glitter... interesting... Anywhos, great swatches :)

  2. OMG these all look so cool, I can never find any of these locally... Uninhibited is pretty cool!

  3. All The Pretty Polish - thank you for checking it out and letting me know. I wonder why we got those "surprise" glitters? Haha. ;)

    Polish AMOR - I never saw them anywhere until a couple days ago. I wish I could have gotten the whole collection. Glitter is like holographic polish to me: I WANT THEM ALL!

  4. I want the black polish *-*

  5. Oh, yeah, I love them all, but you're right! We don't see too many black glitters! Uninhibited is also my favourite. I'll check out and see if it's available at online store where I usually order LA Girl and Sinful Colors.

  6. Gah! All four look so good! I'm wanting to try some black glitter! Sigh...where can I find these...?

  7. They look all so good! I still don't own a black glitter polish, and I think this one looks amazing over white :D

  8. These look great!! Nope, no black glitter in my stash :(. Soon hopefully!


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