Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Color Club "Holiday Splendor"

I did some layering with my Sally Hansen Going Green mani from earlier today. I'll let the photo's do all the talking.

Holiday Splendor, 2 coats - no topcoat
Blurred to show the sparkle, ouuu.

I got the Beyond The Mistletoe Color Club collection a few weeks ago and I'm so in love. Just look at Holiday Splendor. I dare you to say you don't love it as well (and mean it!).

Because of the layering I did Holiday Splendor looks very green in these photo's but it is slightly more blue IRL. I used two coats of Holiday Splendor and it applied wonderfully. The holographic glitter is absolutely UNREAL. You literally have to see it to understand just how radiant it truly is. I need to wear this as a full mani and not just swatch it. 

Holographic glitter - you can't go wrong, can you?


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