Thursday, January 19, 2012

Color Club "Back To Boho" Collection - Part 2

As the title suggests, I'll be showing you the second part (of 3) of the Color Club "Back To Boho" collection. For your viewing pleasure: Blue-topia, Red-ical Gypsy, Rad Nomad, and Shabby Drab.

 From L to R: Blue-topia, Red-ical Gypsy, Rad Nomad, Shabby Drab

No topcoat - LOOK AT THAT SHINE!

Blue-topia (pictured with 2 coats) is a very dark navy that looks black indoors except at the cuticle line where the layers of polish weren't perfectly matched up. It has a jelly, high gloss finish.

Rad Nomad (pictured with 2 coats) is a medium cool-toned dusty purple crème. It applied like warm butter and dried very shiny. I'm very attracted to the depth of colour this polish has.

Red-ical Gypsy (pictured with 3 coats) is a jelly finish and dries very glossy. It is the "perfect blood red" polish and now carries the title of "My Favourite Red Polish Without Shimmer or Flakie", haha. (Milani's "Ruby Jewels" is my favourite red with shimmer and Barielle's "Elle's Spell" is my favourite red flakie polish.) 

Shabby Drab (pictured with 3 coats) is a light blue-toned lilac colour and my photo's show it leaning more blue than it really appeared IRL. I think it is the most perfect spring polish shade, it practically screams "paint a daisy on me!" - I really like the slightly dusty quality to this polish, as well.

All of these colours are very well pigmented and went on with no application problems. They. Are. Perfect. You need these polishes in your life. Trust me. There is no clear cut winner out of these 4 beauties.

Slightly random, but still polish-related ... I've recently come across the term "crelly" for a crème-jelly finish, and thought I should mention it. I don't think any of these polishes fit that description, but I found it somewhat amusing. 

Have you heard of the term "crelly"? 


  1. These are beautiful!! (Shabby Drab is my fave :D). Yeppo, I have heard the term crelly. :D

  2. whaaat no top coat on that last one? what polish did u use.. x

  3. Yolandaas - I didn't use topcoat for any of those photo's. Those polishes just have an insane glossy finish. :)

  4. I like how shiny they are. The colors look rich and pretty.

  5. I should have picked these up when they were at winners :-(

    PS. Winners near Halifax shopping centre is where I found barielle falling stare as a single bottle :-)

  6. I love them all ...... Ur swatches are very pretty too

  7. Nice swatches! They're all so pretty! Rad Nomad almost remids me of Essie's Smokin Hot. I definitely like that!


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