Friday, January 27, 2012

Orly "Moonlit Madness"

As of today you can expect 2 posts a day for the next week or so. I want to get through a back-log of photo's to try and get through all of my un-tried nail polishes. (Practically 80% of my collection is still un-trieds and I'm working at getting through them all. This project will definitely take me at least this full year. Might as well start now!)

I don't show too many Orly polishes and I wanted to share another one with you today. 

Moonlit Madness, 2 coats
1 coat Seche Vite on top

When I first bought this polish I thought it was a deep berry colour. When I applied it, it appeared much more red toned, which I ended up loving. Whenever I wear red polish I feel very self conscious. I've mentioned my aversion to this particular polish colour in one of my posts last summer but I think I'm slowly getting over it the more I wear it. 

Moonlit Madness. First off, the name makes zero sense to me. That aside, I am in love with this polish. It applied evenly, no dragging, brush-strokes, etc. Well pigmented too, although I could have applied a 3rd coat to make sure everything was covered evenly. The shimmer is beautiful as well. I kept twisting and turning my hands to look at it from all angles. Normal, right? 

Stay tuned for another post coming later today!


  1. its a great color, looks very pretty on you! LOL i twist and turn my hands when I have polish with shimmer, I do this alot when I drive.. NOT GOOD lol but I like it when the sun hits my hands and I can see a lot of shimmmaaaa!!!

  2. This is a gorgeous polish!! :D It looks beautiful on you.

  3. Gorgeous, so glossy and shiny. It looks almost blood like!

  4. I had such a strong aversion to reds, but I decided to start wearing them more this year and it's surprised me how much I actually like them! Anyway, this looks great on you, I love it.

  5. I know what you mean about feeling self conscious about wearing red. This red looks great on you though!


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