Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OPI "Over-Exposed In South Beach"

Ever have those mornings when people say "Good Morning" and all you can think is "what's good about it?" ... that might have been the attitude that I woke up with this morning. I'm not much of a morning person! (Maybe I should set up automatic posting, but that kind of feels like cheating to me, especially since I'm not away on vacation or something like that.)

I went to my shelf where I display all of my OPI's and grabbed this beautiful polish and was very pleased with her. (Yes, I personify my polishes -- who doesn't?) I had some trouble photographing the beautiful blue shimmer, yet again. If you follow my blog daily, you will remember that I had the same issue with my "I Always Get My Man-darin" photo's. *sigh*

Over-Exposed In South Beach, 2 coats - No topcoat
I think this photo shows the blue shimmer the best.

Crappy cloudy picture, still no visible shimmer.

Well folks, I tried to capture the shimmer but after 20-odd photo's I gave up. It just wasn't happening. Looking back now, I really should have applied a third coat of polish, I could see some areas that were a little thinner than others but overall I'm pleased with how this turned out.

Over-Exposed In South Beach is a beautiful shimmery fuchsia/purple. I'm sure you have seen this before, and if you don't own it already - well, you should! I feel like this is a very appropriate polish choice for even the more reserved polish wearers. It's vivid without being "obnoxious" (personally, I love "obnoxious" polish) and has some brightness without going overboard. 

The name of the polish makes me cringe. It makes me think of a really bad sun burn, so I feel as though this polish should lean a bit more red than blue, but hey - I'm not their creative director. (I WISH!)


  1. Wow this is a very pretty polish ! I love berry colours- they are flattering year round :)

  2. What a nice colour!!! I hate it when spending a lot of time taking photographs to capture the ever-illusive shimmer in some polishes, and then review the photos to see it showed up very little or not at all. It's like "I promise it looks even better in real life!!" XD

  3. I've never heard of this one before! I like it. Blue shimmer is my favorite.

  4. What a pretty colour. Some shades are a pita to photograph.

  5. Pretty polish but agree with your comment about the name, makes me think of sunburn too!

  6. Ha well that was easy! No one else close to me shares my love of polish.. they just look at me like I'm crazy! :)

    Love love love this colour!

  7. Lol I'm not much of a morning person either. I actually do automatic posts for the most part lol! I thought it was funny when you said it's like cheating haha! Yea it kinda feels like cheating, but I always feel bad when I don't have a new post up! haha. I really like this color you posted! I do see the shimmer in the pics so even though you took so many, they came out great!


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