Monday, June 18, 2012

China Glaze Dotticure

 I took an unplanned 3 day break this past weekend.
An injury + purchase of a new car + work = no time.
I'm back now. Obviously, haha.

I am kind of cheating with today's Blue Monday post.
The blue is only done as an accent.
Oh well.

My polish shopping has finally slowed a considerable amount.
Now I'm playing with all my goodies.
Let's take a peek!

Brown: China Glaze - Mahogany Magic (2 coats, no topcoat)
Blue: China Glaze - Electric Beat (dotted)

One thing I love about my China Glaze polishes is that they usually dry SUPER shiny. The above pictures have NO TOPCOAT. Unreal.

Mahogany Magic was released with the Hunger Games collection. (As if you didn't already know that.) It applied like warm butter, mmmmm. Perfect and effortless - 2 coats to perfection. Warm mid-tone browns aren't necessarily my favourite colour to wear on their own but I love adding a contrasting colour as an accent. As you know, dotticures are my favourite so that was the natural choice. The colour combination looks pretty neat to me.

Electric Beat was released with the Electropop collection and is one of my favourite blues. It is similar to what I consider to be a cornflower blue but more faded. A touch of grey probably gives it that muted feeling, I love it. Electric Beat is qute pigmented so I had no issues with layering it over a darker colour.

Have a wonderful Monday!

- A Polished Touch


  1. I picked up Mahogany Magic this weekend (side note: I also purchased Smoke & Ashes and Foie Gras- I officially own the entire Hunger Games collection- and bought them all on sale. Yay!). I never get tired of dotticures. I love how you can have endless possibilities. Blue + brown= such a great color combo. Beautiful as usual!!

  2. love the color combination .. and i'm loving your shorties :)

  3. Oh man I LOVE this! Totally not a combo I would have ever thought up on my own but this is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous!
    I hope that you are feeling better!!! :O *Hugs!*

  5. That brown is such a beautiful colour! The blue looks good with it :)

  6. This is lovely!
    Oh I hope your injury isn't too severe!!

  7. I love the blue and brown combination! So pretty!!

  8. although i don't tend to like brown polishes, your nails make this shade look really good!

  9. I've noticed that the China Glaze colors that dry best in two coats are dark in tone like this one. I purchased one of their neon summer colors and for the life of me...after even 5 dries horribly :(

  10. This is really pretty, I love brown and blue together. Ugh I was just looking at Mahogany Magic on clearance at Sallys today but didn't get it, now I'm kicking myself!

  11. Super cute and girly! You have great nail shape.

  12. Hey, I just stumbled onto your blog and was browsing through some posts when I saw this mani. I love the brown polish you used! I have yet to find a nice brown I like and I'm going to give Mahogany Magic a try! Somehow I missed that one. Great design too!


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