Friday, June 1, 2012

NYC "Pink Promenade Crème" Gets Floral

Good morning! I did a bunch of swatching last night (6 swatches and then the mani I finally settled on to wear today and tomorrow) and I'm so excited to post my new nails. They're growing on me. My Blue Monday post will be the first to showcase my nubbin's. *nerdy smile*

Let's take a peek at a manicure that I did a couple months ago when I was trying to coax warmer weather in March. 

PS: It worked.

NYC "Pink Promenade Crème"
 2 coats

I love this design. I wanted something floral, but not too over the top and it came out pretty nice, if I do say so myself. And I do. ;)

The dots were done with white and yellow acrylic paint and my trusty dotting tool. I waited about 2 minutes after finishing my dots to apply my topcoat; if you do it too soon the paint won't be dry and it will drag, which is, in fact, a drag.


Here are a couple photo's of Pink Promenade Crème on it's own.
Please excuse the dent on my pinky.
I crossed it out because it bothered me so much.


Application on this polish was a dream. 
Only 2 coats for this mani no topcoat in the swatch photo's. 
Best part?
This polish cost me $1.27!

When was the last time you played with your dotting tool?

- A Polished Touch


  1. I love your new layout! I don't know how but I missed your last three blog posts. Oops.

    This is so cute :)

  2. very pretty! its been a while since I last used my dotting tools :(

  3. I really like your mani but that pink base is catching all my attention. It looks so rich and creamy!

    I've been playing with my dotting tool everyday for the past three or so days. I'm determined to improve and I have about 7 empty nail wheels that I've been practicing on with strippers and dotting tools.

  4. I need to get a dotting tool!! I can believe yur great mani was a $1.27!!

  5. Lovely color!!! I really like how it pops with the nail art!

  6. That color is gorgeous and at such a great price! Love it!

  7. First thin I thought when I saw these: Omg bummbleflowers! Love it!

  8. Thank you, girls! The NYC polish blew me away. It's a real winner so if you can get yourselves to a Wal-Mart (that's where I got mine) you should grab one ... or seven of their shades.

    They have two styles of bottles at my local Wal-Mart and their NYC In A NY Color Minute collection has a matte topcoat ("Matte Me Crazy") which will be shown this coming week. You might really need to go to Wal-Mart then. ;)


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