Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Claire's "Medium Pink"

Happy Pink Wednesday!
I have to start this post by saying that I bought all 8 of the Layla Hologram Effect polishes
and you seriously, SERIOUSLY need to go buy Mercury Twilight (the silver one) if you
can. It is the winner out of the collection, BY FAR. I have spent the past 30 minutes
running from room to room to get to the sunlight that is streaming through the
windows just so I can stare at my pinky nail. (I quickly swatched 7/8 as a
skittle mani and the silver just happens to be residing on my pinky nail
(left hand) at this very moment. The linear effect is the strongest
out of all the holographics I have in my collection. I am
head over heels.

Please excuse the ramblings but I am filled with adrenaline.
How crazy is it that a perfect, linear holographic polish
can have this effect on me?!

Okay, I'll stop.
Let's go see the mani.


Claire's "Medium Pink"

Medium Pink is a cool-toned creme pink that had some slight application problems. This was due to user error and not the polish. (I was not using my usual lighting, yadda yadda, (Seinfeld reference, anyone?) and there you have it.

I don't use my nail art supplies often enough so I decided to bling-a-fy my mani and add some pink square stones. I angled them on their side so they look to be a diamond shape. I really liked the result. Sparkly, but not overdone.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. The sun is shining today so I know what I'll be doing all day: repolishing my nails with Mercury Twilight and staring at them until the sun sets. (Ha, I wish ...)

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- A Polished Touch


  1. Love the bling! And pink Wednesday's :)

    - J

  2. I love your rhinestone addition. :) Medium Pink looks great on you. I don't think I own any shades like this, which is shocking.

  3. I don't know whats better- the awesome square stones or the hilarious picture you painted in our minds of you running throughout the house looking at your nails. love it

    1. I'm glad I could bring some laughter into your day. :) I just finished polishing my nails and ... wow. I'll do another post today to show youuuu. ;)

  4. I love the pink and the square stones really give this mani a super awesome look!

  5. i love the rhinestones you added! they're really simple, but it adds such a nice touch (:

  6. This mani looks really cute with the rhinestones! They add something special.

  7. omg you got the Laylas! Those polishes are gorgeous...can't wait to see!!
    I really like this pink! :D

    1. *squeals* I did!! :D

      I'll be showing Mercury Twilight tomorrow. :)

  8. This is lovely! I really like the gems, a nice way to jazz up a simple mani :)

    1. I do too. I'll be using them more, I think. They're perfect for adding that something special.

  9. Hawt chickie, matches your personality;sweet with a little spunk

  10. The stones are so cute! Just like you said, they really add some special sparkle without being over the top. :)

  11. This is cute. I love the rhinestones!

  12. LOVE this. So simple and classy with a touch of sassy! :)


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