Thursday, June 16, 2011

Melmers & Nail Polish Collection

Hey! This afternoon I went to Micahel's and came home with two Melmer's. I was skeptical that they would have them, but they did and with 50% off! My husband, being the enabler that he is, (God I love him) helped me build them. This post has a lot of photo's and not very good ones at that. I do apologize but I was in a time crunch.
In all their glory ... and grip mat, haha.
Hubby, hard at work.
Ta-da! :)
From top to bottom:
First Drawer
Base & top coats, cuticle stuff, nail art polishes, glitters.
Second Drawer
Paints, tools, sponges, extra cotton.

Third Drawer
Nail wheels, polishes to be swatched.
Fourth Drawer
Polishes with brands that I only have a couple of.
Comment if you want to know what something is.
Fifth Drawer
Hexagon glitter, half pearls, all different shapes of rhinestones, nail stickers, nail tape.
All items in this drawer found on eBay and for less than $4 each. (Most were under $2!)
Sixth Drawer
Backups, tape, Konad plate, test nail wheels, material, pan for mixing/dotting.

My polish collection! I'm not going to go in depth with it in this post but feel free to let me know if you would like to see it in the comments! :)
Well folks, that was my morning/early afternoon. I worked tonight and am exhausted, but very pleased. I like how everything to do with my nails are either on my polish shelf or in/on my Melmer's. It's nice to have it all together. One day I will have my own room for my polish and cosmetics (which is a whole other obsession, haha) but for now this definitely satisfies my need for an organized space.

How do you store your polishes? I would love to see your set up! Comment below and let me know or do your own post.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Melmers! I went to Ikea and scoped out helmers, but I'm thinking melmers might be a better value.

  2. I really really need better storage. I have those roll-away plastic drawers. I hate them

  3. Your nail collection looks awesome. I love your method of organization. I can't wait until my collection grows to this amount!

  4. are they 50% off for a certain amount of time? i need to invest!

  5. Your collection and melmers look awesome!

  6. That looks AMAZING! I'm! I know my polish collection is no where near that, but it's getting there! I use an old glass top computer desk for my work area.

  7. I had a question about your black shelf. i have one i wanted to use but it doesnt have the level lifts to display all of the polish. how did you get your shelf like that or was it something you bought like that?

  8. wow, so organised and pretty, lol i'm working on a full room for all my polishes and art and stuff hehe ; )

  9. What did you use for your polish shelf? Is that homemade or something that can be bought? I'd rather see mine then have them in a drawer.

  10. Thank you ladies!

    Summer - I can't remember how long the sale is for, there were about 5 left at my Michael's.

    LizIsPink & Fingers - My shelf is actually a bookshelf that I purchased from Wal-Mart for $24. I bought stationary organizers from the Dollarstore and flipped them over to create the shelves. I added poster board and grip mat and there you have your risers. I will do a post on how to create it this week!

  11. I'm still trying not to need a Melmer.. but i keep getting more convinced every time i see one!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award here

  12. I love your polish shelf--so colorful and pretty!

    I store my stash in Helmers. Lots of Helmers. I've been thinking about getting a Melmer for comparison purposes but don't know where I'll put it.

  13. love your blog!, wow you have so many polishes x

  14. The new storage is beautiful ! (:

  15. I love your storage! I'm planning to display mine on an old bookshelf.

  16. wooooooooooooooow :O what a nailpolish collection!

  17. wow i love your converted bookshelf! I have been looking for something to store my polishes on, at the moment they are on a shelf hidden away in my hallway cupboard. :/


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