Saturday, June 18, 2011

Revlon 3-Pack: Garden

Good afternoon! Today I have the last swatch from the Revlon pack that I purchased a couple days ago: Garden. ("Waterfall" can be seen here - "Sparkle" can be seen here.) I am so excited to show you this colour - it is definitely the winner of the set. 

Note: please excuse the dry cuticles, I had swatched 4 polishes and used 100% acetone remover, bad girl - I know, I know. ;)

Garden, 2 coats. No top coat.
I was shocked: this is a ONE COAT nail polish! I applied two coats just to be positive, but had I been a little neater with the application this would have needed only the one coat. It is richly pigmented and smoothed onto the nail like warm butter, it was phenomenal. Not only was the application FLAWLESS the colour is beautiful. Yellow green's are so striking; very eye catching. Garden scored a perfect 100%.

Application: 10 - perfection
Colour: 10 - I love me some yellow-green's.
Finish: 10 - High gloss shine all on its own, gotta love that!
= 30/30

I just want to mention, I didn't rate the wear on these 3 Revlon's because I only swatched Sparkle and Garden and promptly removed them and wore Waterfall for 2 hours. However, if you are curious about one (or all of these) colours and their durability, feel free to comment below or email and request that!

To sum up this Revlon kit, I would say that it is definitely a good buy - 3 polishes for $4.96 from Wal-Mart, seriously? Some have mentioned that these polishes are near-dupes for other Revlon full sized polishes. For myself and perhaps others as well, I do not own the dupes so for me, this pack was quite handy. I actually went back to Wal-Mart this morning and picked up the other 3-pack which includes: Butterfly, Moss and Tulip. 

So, the question remains ... do you want to see those or should I post swatches of the Simple Pleasures pack from my Winners haul that I posted about a week ago?

Thanks for reading! :)


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