Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nail Look: Teal You See Dots

Uhh, so I should have done stars on my nails instead of polka dots so the title of this post could make more sense. (Teal You See Stars ... get it? Ha ...) Anyway, I'll stick to my day job and quit the horrible attempts at humour, I promise.

Last night while watching 'Due Date' (I love me some Robert Downey Jr.) I, to my husband's dismay, decided to redo my nails. I have to be honest, I don't know what it is about late night polishing, but for me it never works. Case in point: my first ever mani with bubbles. ACK! I wanted to take a sewing pin and pop them. Am I crazy? Surprisingly enough as I write this I am still wearing this look. 

The bubbles make me itch. (Figuratively) Weird? It's like my nails have hives. Ew.

With flash. Do you see the purple in the bottle? It's hard to catch on the nails, but it's there.

I added Sally Hansen "Chartreuse Chase" on my ring finger and dotted  my base colour (L'oreal "Blue Marine") on top.

Some purple on the middle finger.

Taken this morning in better lighting. You can definitely see some purple. (Ignore the smudged polish on the ring finger, I went to bed too soon after doing this.)

Another shot to show that purple duo-chrome. So pretty, minus the bubbles.
Unfortunately, the bubbles started just as I did my second coat of 'Blue Marine'. Had I waited an extra 2 minutes and done a slightly thinner coat of polish this bubbly disaster could have been avoided. Oh well, that's my impatience for ya. Off to re-polish! 
Have you ever had any bubbly mani disasters? Make me feel better and let me know!
Thanks for reading. :)


  1. ooh i hate bubbles. it usually happens to me when i put on multiple layers of polish that are too thick and i don't wait for them to dry completely before doing the next layer. i hate them! it looks like my fingers i have some kind of warts or fungus or something O.o

  2. i had convinced myself not to buy this but i think you just unconvinced me ><

  3. Laura - I'm glad that it's not just me! What you described sounded exactly like what I did. *sigh*

    rebecca - I passed this colour up when I saw it in the new collection but had to go back for it. Don't let the bubbles dissuade you, that was an application error, the colour is fab. I know you're like me: teal-aholic! Haha. Go get it! (I also got Yellow Seahorse.)

  4. I'm rocking a bubbly mani right now, even though it's not too terribly noticeable, and have been for like 5 days out of pure laziness. I always get the urge to pop them with a pin too =P

  5. I love L'oreal Blue Marine! It's such a pretty color....and I hate bubbles. I get them when I layer it on too thick...my problem is I don't see them until everything is completely dry, and it's usually one big one right in the middle!


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