Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swatch: Color Club "Pucci-licious"

I hope you're having a great Tuesday. :) After I wrote yesterday's post (Haul) I went to the mall, which happened to have the other Winners that is in my area. Whenever I go to Winners I make a beeline for the beauty area to check to see if there are any new Color Club sets. (The mall Winners gets them more than the other, non-mall Winners.) 

I almost lost my mind - THERE WERE 3 NEW SETS! I am so gosh-darn addicted to Color Club that I, of course, picked up all three sets. At $12.99 a pop for 7 polishes, you just can't go wrong. I always buy them up. When I got to the counter to pay two ladies in the other line wanted my opinion on them and where they could find them. I happily shared my opinion and their location and then thought "CRAP! I shouldn't tell them, then they will stalk Winners like me to snatch them all up." Hahahaha, does this sound familiar or am I the only psychotic covet-er of Color Club?

The sets I got were:
- Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery
- Poptastic: Color That Pops!
- Starry Temptress: Color That Twinkles

I also own:
- Alter Ego: Keep It Undercover
- Catwalk Queen: The World Is Your Runway
- Untamed Luxury: Every Shade of Indulgence
- Wicked Sweet: Deliciously Scented Shades to Satisfy Your Color Cravings

Onto my mani!
Color Club - Milky White Base Coat (1 coat)
Color Club - Pucci-licious (2 coats)
Nail Life Speed Demon Top Coat (1 coat)
You can see me in all these photo's, the top coat is unbelievably shiny.
Unfortunately I couldn't get these to photograph true-to-colour so I went on Paint and made my own swatch which is as close as I can get it.
Pucci-licious is from the Poptastic collection and I am loving it. It is purple leaning slightly blue - my favourite. (Not quite into 'blurple' territory.) The application of this polish was perfect for the first few nails but as I continued the mani I did find that it started to get thick which made application a bit of a pain. The plus side is that this polish did seem to self-level which was fantastic. A carefully placed topcoat fixed the problem by about 98%. (I like to be accurate, haha.) Also, this polish dried with a satin finish which is to be expected from such a bright colour, but it still threw me off ... I was expecting a creme finish from such an opaque polish.

What do you think of Color Club? Which polishes and/or collections do you own? Let me know by commenting below!

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. I love this colour! its so vibrant it really looks good on you!

    whyyyyyy doesnt my winners get new ones!!!

    you are not the only psychotic color club coveter. i am potentially worse.
    i have 5 sets - poptastic, starry temptress, catwalk queen, untamed luxury: every shade of indulgence, and wild at heart.

    i paid 32 bucks to get starry temptress online because i needed it so bad.

    now i need the alter ego sets. THE PASTELS NEED ME.
    i am working right now and guess what, i am going on break to see if my winners was as lucky as yours. lol. i will report back in 20 minutes! :P

  3. Janella, thank you! PS: I hope you work things out with your 'friend'.

    rebecca, you made me LOL. Oh, I love you. Haha. Let me know if you find them. I have 7 sets and it's still not enough. I missed the 'Wild At Heart' collection, ugh.

  4. no color club at my winners :(
    when i go away i am going to have to hunt!!

  5. This really looks awesome on your nails .

  6. Pucci-licious is my favorite Color Club polish. I love that shade of purple.

    I have few sets. I'd say my favorites are Poptastic and Electro Candy.

  7. love this color thanks for the sweet comment on my blog !!! your the best

  8. wow that color is SOOOOO amazing! I love purple XD very Pucci-esque

    thx for following btw! =D

  9. What a lovely color! I just noticed that you are my new reader. So nice! I hope you enjoy my blog and stop by soon again =)


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