Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Color Club Warhol & China Glaze Mrs.Claus

Good afternoon! Today I have my Pink Wednesday to share with you. I have to say that my nails are down to nubbins because my index finger (left hand) broke a few days ago and it was driving me crazy having my nails different lengths ... now they are filed down. *massive pout* I was just starting to like how long they were getting and then one breaks. C'est la vie. 

Base: Color Club Warhol, 2 coats
Glitter: China Glaze Mrs.Claus, 2 coats
Seche Vite, 2 coats.
I apologize for the staining but the pink was a pain, captial P-ain.
My camera absolutely FREAKED OUT at how bright this pink was and then I was a jerk and added a ton of glitter polish. Needless to say, my camera and I aren't on very good terms. ;)

Question: is it completely lame that my short nails are making me a tad depressed? I used to be a horrible nail biter and seeing my nails this short again makes me think of that again. Ugghh. At least they are pretty and polished.

Have you ever had to file/cut your nails down because of a bad break? Make me feel better and tell me about it!

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. I think that *especially* since you were a biter, your disappointment is well warranted. I've always had crappy nails and now that I have to cut them down I'm upset. BUT since you don't bite anymore they should grow fast :)

  2. Mine broke last week but they are growing out so fast! I don't even really have nubs anymore.

  3. i used to bite my nails like crazy! it was my worst habit. I only stopped biting them about 6 months ago when I started keeping them painted all the time. Having polish on them keeps be from biting because I don't want to mess them up (and I'm weirded out by the thought of possibly eating nail polish bits). Also, your nails look super cute short :)

  4. I just broke on of my longest nails doing the dishes:( But they are growing back out again:)
    Happy Polishing,
    Paint Me Pretty

  5. I as well used to bite mine...but I made myself stop. It wasn't easy, but I did it. Although what drives me crazy now is when my nails get "long", and one of them breaks, I have to chop them all off! Love the pink polish!

  6. I think this pretty color makes up for your short nails! I agree I hate when my nails are different lengths but my middle finger nails always break so now it doesnt bother me that much(:

    I gave you some awards on my blog:)

  7. It is sooooo funny that you said you used to be a nail bitter because I was too.... I have noticed that a lot of us nail bloggers used to be nail bitters! I personally like your short nails and I normally keep mine pretty short. But I understand what you are talking about. I do like a little length to work with. It is easier to paint and place designs on it. I will never get fake nails though.

  8. Once I had an idea for a manicure that I was really looking forward to. It didn't work out, and I furiously removed it. The base color was black so it left some residue on my nails. I got so frustrated that I hacked my nails down to nubs, and then I put the most unflattering shade of orange that I own on my nails. (I do things like that when I get angry). So you're not alone!


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