Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starry Galaxy

What the heck: two posts in one day?! Believe it. I had the day off today and was absolutely hating my bubbly mani so I re-polished and came up with what you see below. Wait! Before you jump to the photo's I have to say: BLACK POLISH IS A PAIN TO CLEAN-UP! I haven't worn black on my fingers in ... 2+ months? At that point I wasn't doing the very detailed touching up like I do now. It's a pain.

That is all. Onto the good stuff!

Base colour Wet'n'Wild "Black Creme" with Claire's "Galaxy" swiped twice down the center of the nail. This makes me think "black tie affair" which is actually something I have planned for a future post! ;)

Pretty silver micro-glitter. No top coat yet, folks. It shines so nicely.

For fun I added stars and rhinestones to jazz things up.
One coat SV on index & ring
 2 coats on thumb, middle & pinky

My thumb, middle and pinky got "bling-y". The ring finger can't have all the fun. ;)
I'm pleased with how this mani turned out - much more than what I had prior. I picked up two Claire's polishes yesterday and I just had to try out Galaxy. I owned nothing like this and was excited to try it out. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. :) Have you tried out any of Claire's polishes? What do you think of them and which colour do you own?
Thanks for reading. 


  1. Jazzy! I have a Claire's mood polish, which was decent except it wore pretty fast, a Claire's glow in the dark polish, which i haven't used yet because it looks gloopy, and some Claire's minis which are mostly sheer, but the creme actually covered pretty well. Better quality than I had expected from Claire's!

  2. I love this! You're so creative, it looks great!
    I have a sparkly orange from Claire's called Crush. It's pretty good. And then I have one of those layered polishes where like 5 different colors are supposed to show up on your nail. I like Claire's polishes for the most part. :)

  3. 2 manis in one day?! you are a POWER blogger!!!! hahaha

  4. I agree black polish is a pain! But your mani is gorgeous. No, I don't own any of Clairs polishes as of yet. Boo me! :)

  5. i think the best claire polish is Bright Skies and Venomous. but they are only worth it when they are on sale. I really like your blin-y nails!!!

  6. Amazing :). I don't have any Clairs polishes, they don't sell in my country.
    I'm the 100th Follower, so congrats on 100 followers :)

  7. Thank you for the sweet comments, ladies! Thank you for letting me know about your Claire’s polishes (or lack thereof, hehe).

    Silence is Loud – I’ll keep my eyes open for those colours. I did get mine on sale: buy one, get one 50% off.

    Nails From Fairy Tale – Thanks so much for being my 100th subscriber!

  8. I love dark polishes, especially black with glitter in it! Looks fantastic! Congrats on the 100+ followers!

  9. Love this look! It is fit for a "start" :) I don't have any polishes from Claire's though... which kinda sucks lol!


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