Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue Monday & Bloglovin'

Good morning and Happy Blue Monday! I went through my drafts a couple days ago and found this from before my "hiatus". This mani is from August of last year I do believe, therefore I have no idea how many coats of polish I used. I can guarantee you that I used at least two coats for each of the blues (California Colours "Navy", which came un-named and I named it myself, and Nina Ultra Pro in Sailor) and at least one coat of Revlon Colada Fizz. Let's take a look-see.

Left to right: Navy, Sailor, Navy, Sailor
At least 2 coats each, no topcoat.

Indoors, indirect sun.

Outdoors, indirect sun.

Revlon, Colada Fizz - at least 1 coat.
I was just starting to figure out different ways to photograph 
my nails and trying to use the lighting I had to my best advantage. ;)

As far as I can remember, I had no issues with any of these polishes. I will be trying them all out again in my big swatch fest of 2012 so stay tuned for a better review of them coming sometime soon!

Now for a little ramble. 


I just got wind that Blogger will be getting rid of the GFC widget in March (yeah, yeah, I know I'm behind - I didn't come back until January folks and this news was apparently released at the end of November) for all those who have a blog not hosted by Blogger. I added Bloglovin' to my page as an alternative method of following. You never know what might happen and although I should be safe with my GFC because I'm hosted by Blogger, I still like having a second following method. 

That being said, can you please write a comment and let me know if you have Bloglovin' on your page and I will go and follow you there ... as well as GFC, but I probably already follow you if you're commenting here, right? ;) If you would be so kind as to return the favour and follow me on Bloglovin' (and GFC if you haven't already), that would be just swell. 

Thanks ladies (and/or gents, who knows, right?) and have a happy and safe Monday!


  1. I'm so sad that GFC is leaving all non blogger sites. I've been dreading March for this reason since I'm on WP...I don't get why they are doing this :( I just put up a blog lovin link on my site about a week or so ago in preparation. Its not as convenient as GFC though, oh well. I'm slowly starting to add blogs to my blog lovin too, so I'll be adding your as well.

  2. Very pretty! I have a bloglovin button on my page!

  3. Very upsetting that blogger is disallowing other blogs with GFC :O(

    All the blue colors are lovely. I like this look on you.

  4. I do have Bloglovin'. I really have no idea how it works but it's there! I wish Google would stop making such a kerfluffle, no one is using Google+ anyway. Anyway, Colada Fizz is very pretty! I have it and I love how it smells.

  5. Happy Monday! Love these deep blues...
    I tagged you here today:

  6. Ooops sorry lol. I forgot that you put "comments with any url will be deleted" Forgive my last post!! :P

  7. Thank you, ladies. For those with Bloglovin', I've gone and followed you!

    Traci, you made me LOL. I "allowed" your comment anyway, you're so sweet. ;)


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