Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz & OPI Siberian Nights

I hope you don't mind seeing some swatches from a few weeks ago when my nails were a bit shorter ... you're good with it? Excellent. :) Let's press on.

Sally Hansen - Purple Pizzazz, 2 coats - no topcoat
Indoors, indirect sun
Outdoors, direct sun

I admit, I hate this. I have seen a few swatches of this polish on its own and usually they are done with 3-4 coats. At the time of doing this I didn't have the patience to do that many coats. I removed it and grabbed OPI Siberian Nights, one of my favourite polishes.

Siberian Nights, 2 coats - no topcoat
Indoors, indirect sun
Indoors, tilted to show the deep grape tones
Yikes, sorry about the hasty cleanup!
Sunset, somewhat indirect

I figured that this would make great "underwear" for Purple Pizzazz so I then layered it back over Siberian Nights. Oh, the process!

Back to my usual, trusty setup - sans sun ;)

Now this, I love. I found Purple Pizzazz to be troublesome when worn alone. With its jelly finish I found that it would build at the tip of my nails and therefore look more opaque there. The unevenness of it bothered me. However, layering it over a similar, opaque base colour really seemed to do the trick. The glowy shimmer really jumps out against the darker, pigmented base.

Siberian Nights was an absolute dream. She was on my wishlist for a while until I impulsively purchased her and am so glad I did. I could have gotten away with one coat but I wanted to make sure she was camera-ready. ;)

Do you own Purple Pizzazz? If so, do you wear it alone or layer it?


  1. Holy goodness! This is so pretty! I don't have Purple Pizzazz, but now I need it!

  2. I had the same problem with Purple Pizzazz. I tried to wear it once and it was way too thick at the tips and wouldn't dry properly. I'm not sure if it was my fault, but I took it off and haven't worn it since. It's a beautiful color so I'll wear it eventually. It looks awesome over Siberian Nights!

  3. Laura, yes you do! ;)
    Lydz, thank you!

    Melissa, thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure if I got a wonky bottle or if it might be just the way the polish is. Trying layering it. :)

    Meredith, thank you!

  4. i loooooove purple pizzaz, but probably because i've never tried to wear it on its own haha. but layering with it is amazing! those teeny flakies are awesome. i'm loving it over siberian nights!

  5. lol. Well, I love the way it turned out in the end! They look great together :)

  6. Such a pretty colour. I've worn it on its own and it's never given me any problems. But I'll probably start layering it because I hate using 4 coats. It just seems wasteful. That and it clearly looks swell when layered :P


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