Friday, February 3, 2012

Layering: Finger Paints "Twisted" & Lemony Flutter

I finally got around to posting my favourite one of the Finger Paints Special Effect flakie polishes: Twisted. I layered this over OPI Roadhouse Blues from my post here.

Twisted, 2 coats over Roadhouse Blues

*swoon* This flakie polish borderlines on insanity, and I mean that in the absolutely best way possible. Like I said above, it is my favourite out of the 5 that were released in this collection. Reasons? Multi-coloured flakies. Dense ratio of flakie to base. Smooth, slightly thick application. 

Don't be worried, the "slightly thick application" is definitely a plus with this polish. I applied two thin coats for my swatches but one regular coat would have achieved the same effect. Case closed. Twisted is amazing.

Now, onto the product review...

For Christmas my sister got me some LUSH products and along with them she also gave me a sample of Lemony Flutter. I'm not sure how many of you have tried this but if you haven't already go to the nearest LUSH and ask one of the (extremely nice & very helpful) sales people. They'll let you try it out and take a little sample home.

I will be honest. The word "Lemony" didn't make me sing to the highest heavens. I actually hate lemon. Although this is not the case with Lemony Flutter. It has a very distinct lemony smell but very crisp and fresh too. I am truly terrible at describing scents but you have to trust me; even if you can't stand lemon, like me, you should like the scent of this. Almost mouth-watering. 

As for actual use, I love it. It has a thick consistency and a little goes a very long way, so use sparingly. It absorbs nicely and provides intense rehydration for those dry cuticles. I used up my sample from Christmas and the sample size lasted me about a month. That's crazy! 

I went to LUSH today and picked up the full size which cost me $14.95(CAD) plus tax. The sales lady was very helpful and we got to chatting about the product and that I am a nail blogger and I said I was going to give this product a huge shout out. If you're reading nice LUSH sales lady, HI AND THANK YOU! :)

Have a great Friday, folks and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Twisted looks amazing! I want this one so bad, so I hope my Sally Beauty eventually gets in a new stock.

  2. It's not fair, everyone seems to have these amazing flakies but me ç__ç love love love *drools*
    I own Lemony Flutter too btw, and I think it's amazing for my cuticles! But I actually think everyone loves this product XD

  3. Melissa, I hope you can get your hands on it!
    Elsa, they'd be crazy not to love Lemony Flutter. ;)
    Gina, me too!

  4. looove this combination!! I might steal it from you;] & lemony flutter is amazing. I go through withdrawals when I don't use it

  5. Twisted is gorgeous! Its the only FP Special Effects I'm missing. I haven't tried LUSH Lemony Flutter, but I've heard its wonderful.

  6. I've heard so many great things about Lemony Flutter, I really want to try it now that you've given it such rave review!

  7. I love this flakie! The multi-colored ones look crazy pretty! :D

  8. I have this flakie and love it! I also just bought myself some flutter after seeing all the blogs rave about it! I really love it. So worth it. I want to try more of their products.

  9. this is the only one im missing... :( so sad since this is super gorgeous!!

  10. This makes me want Twisted even more. It's the only one I couldn't get my hands one. Tried like 7 Sallys within 30miles haha. Hope they re-release or make the collection permanent.


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