Saturday, February 4, 2012

OPI "Spark De Triomphe"

Lately I have been really into layering polishes. Part of this new obsession is that I'm trying to swatch my whole collection and I have a large amount of glitter polishes in said collection. I have for you Spark De Triomphe which I purchased in the Serena Gram Slam pack with the White Shatter. (I also got the Rally Pretty Pink, which I swatched last year, with Red Shatter duo.) I layered it over Elf's Metal Madness from this post here.

 Spark De Triomphe, 2 coats - no top coat
Layered over ELF "Metal Madness"

Ouuu, so pretty. Every time I see a glitter mani I think:

1. Pretty
2. Oohh, that's gonna be a pain to remove.

Haha, who's with me, huh? I actually saw a really neat trick to remove glitter polish that isn't the foil method. *gasp* I know, right!? I'll try it out on myself first and then share it with you in the coming weeks.

I have to admit, when trying to describe this polish everything I was trying to put into words was ... lacking. My solution? A copy and pasted description, courtesy of Michelle from All Lacquered Up.

"OPI Spark de Triomphe is the bright shining star of this collection.  This clear based glitter is chock full of so many kinds of glitter; silver and gold micro-glitter, silver and gold foil pieces, gold hexagonal glitter.  It’s a cornucopia of glitzy goodness.  The overall effect comes off more gold than silver but the gold is more champagne than yellow. Adding the silver particles definitely keeps this one neutral.  One could use this as a topper but the glitter is SO jammed in the base that it really steals the show from whatever color you layer it over." - Michelle, All Lacquered Up

How perfect is her description? Seriously, wow. Thank you, Michelle! Needless to say, this is an amazing glitter polish and if you can find it, you should definitely pick it up! (I've seen the duo's on sale for half price at various Canadian retailers.)

Did you buy either of the Grand Slam duo's?


  1. This is sooooo pretty!! Ugh that's the only thing that sucks about glitter polishes! lol. Can't wait to see how the glitter removal will be for you with out using the foil method! I really like the glitter of this one!

  2. I don't have this one, but oh how I wish I did! It's sooo pretty. I'm totally with you on dreading the removal of glitter polish, lol.

  3. As much as I love glitters, I am often hesitant to wear them because yes, they are hard to remove.


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