Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revlon Popular, or is it Starry Pink?

Happy Pink Wednesday

Last fall when the Expressionists collection was released by Revlon I picked up Facets of Fuchsia and Blue Mosaic; I left Starry Pink in the display and walked away a happy camper. Then I saw it. Starry Pink was dominating the blogosphere and the collector in me weeped. I passed that beauty up. My hunt for her proved pointless because she was gone... 

... 2 months later ...

Revlon released a "New Shades" display with some great new colours. Brights, neutrals, glitters, cremes -- hang on, GLITTERS?! Yep. Whimsical came home with me. So did Popular. Popular, my good friends, is Starry Pink incarnate. Re-released under a different name, she is now mine.

(Really hoping my dramatics haven't cost you your readership, I'm just havin' some good ol' fun.)

Revlon Popular
3 coats, no topcoat

What a beauty she is.

Popular (aka: Starry Pink) is a beautiful light pink crème with silver micro and hexagon glitter. The glitter looks to be white most of the time but I prodded a couple out of the bottle, wiped off the polish and they are silver. They suspend beautifully in the base and give a white cast to them which is highly unique, in my opinion. Three coats gave an opaque finish. 

I own nothing like this in my collection and am very grateful to have found it. I mentioned in a previous post my distaste for re-promoting polishes but changing their names, but I am very grateful for that in this situation. 

Is there a polish you wish was re-promoted? Let me know in the comments!


  1. sooo pretty I have this one and still haven't used it.. what is WRONG with me....

  2. Joseph Howe Superstore.. a little hidden gem of a grocery store because it STILL has these, but with their older names ;) It's almost like the beauty department is forgotten about, because I find quite a few goodies there :)

  3. This is a truly amazing polish! I own Starry Pink and it is definitely the same to Popular.
    I'm just generally irritated a little bit with the whole thing - I was running errands for Westman collection just because it was limited and they released the permanent ones almost immediately after it was sold out:(

  4. I dislike companies renaming polishes, but at least these are being added to their core line.

    This looks so pretty on you! Maybe one day I'll cave and purchase.

  5. Looks beautiful on you! I passed on both Whimsical and Starry Pink, they just didn't call to me.

  6. gorgeous:] I love both Whimsical and Starry Pink, I need to use this one for a Valentine's day mani!

  7. I would have liked this one except for the black specks that I just cannot get past. I do think it's silly for companies to just rename old polishes, we're going to figure them out anyway!

  8. I keep coming to look at this blog post because I love this polish oh-so-much! I wish the stores were still open so I could try to go and scout one out. *siiiiiiiigh.

  9. This is so beautiful! I find that the original had more silver glitter in it (at least in the bottle I had before I returned it to the store :/). I like this version so much better!!

  10. Thank you ladies for all the sweet comments!

    LAURA! Now all I can see in the photo's is the black speckles. It looks like I sprinkled pepper over them ... aaaaaah!

  11. love this pink, such a pretty color! LOVE the sparkles in it!

  12. Love this color! I keep seeing it and it's like asking me to get it! :D Looks great on you!

  13. The same thing happened to me! I bought the other two shades and didn't get the starry pink. Immediately regretted it, but by the time i went back for it....GONE! I was very sad, however delighted when popular came out! ....Shea


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