Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LA Splash "Clownfish" & Another Award

Evenin' folks. I posted two awards earlier today and didn't add a mani to the post so here we are again. Mani included. Another award included, too ... you know, for good measure. ;)

 Clownfish, 3 coats - no topcoat

I did this swatch a couple weeks ago. I'm slowly but surely getting through my polishes. I really hope to have them all swatched by the end of this year ... we'll see how that goes. 

Clownfish is a beautiful orange with a pearl/frost finish. The pearl/frost glows golden and gives the orange a warm finish. Three coats were needed to cover the nail line but they were effortless. 

It's funny to me that when I first started seriously collection polish (March 2011) I initially said to Mr.Polish that I don't want any orange. (I said that to him so he wouldn't surprise me with any in that shade.) Now I come to realize that orange actually suits my skin tone pretty well, which I find funny because I own only one clothing item in orange and have worn it only once. That said, my collection of orange polishes has grown. (I have about 35.)

Onto the award ...

Julie from Tales of Knit and Nails tagged me with this and I thank her and wonderful self for doing so.

I have to list 7 facts about myself and pass this along to 15 people. I'll let you know right now that I won't be identifying 15 additional people for this award, but I encourage you, yes YOU *points at you* to do this. Consider yourself tagged, okay? ;)

Seven (more) facts about A Polished Touch
1. I'm excited for the show The Walking Dead to return this coming Sunday. I normally don't do horror but I've really gotten into this show.
2. Ever since finding/using 100% pure acetone polish remover I never use the regular ol' stuff any more. Just can't do it. It saves so much time!
3. I haven't done a pedi (polished) since August of last year. *gasp*
4. I haven't been wearing a base coat on my nails for a few months. *another gasp*
5. Receiving mail is like Christmas morning for me. I love getting letters and packages. (Not bills.)
6. I have a pen-pal in Newfoundland and British Columbia. 
7. I wear something black at least 5 days a week. I love black. (No, I'm not into the gothic style, I just have an affinity for black tops/tanks/hoodies/shoes.)

See you tomorrow for Pink Wednesday!


  1. Pen pals leave blog comments also :)

  2. I wear a lot of black too.

    Your polish has a nice pop of color.

  3. Clownfish is gorgeous! I'll have to agree with you about the orange. I never thought of wearing this color, but orange actually looks great with my skin tone and it definitely looks great on yours!
    I'm excited for Walking Dead too! :D

  4. What a beautiful color!! I really like it, it would be great for summertime. Could you tell me about what kind of colours fit whit fair skins (like mine, hehe)???.

    Lot of kisses!!!

  5. BC, thanks bb. ;)
    Daisy, thank you!
    Girlie Blogger, thanks. I'm sure you're way more stylish than me!
    Traci, funny how that happens, huh? Let's watch WD together, 'kay?

    Patricia, there are so many shades. I'll comment on your blog or email you and give you some ideas. ;)

  6. Not usually a fan of orange (the closest I usually get are rusty colors) but this one is quite pretty!

  7. Orange looks hideous on me. I hate zombies, I could never watch the Walking Dead. And I have been using pure acetone and never looked back, it really is awesome.


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