Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Monday: L.A. Girl - Extreme

Hi folks! I took a few days to myself to recharge, I hope you didn't mind too much. :) 

Today I have a polish from the brand L.A. Girl. They have a line out called "Color Addict" which I haven't seen at the drugstore where I purchase my other L.A. Girl polishes. Surprisingly enough, I found them in a shoe and handbag store - not somewhere I would think of when I think "polish". Anyway, I'm glad I found out where I can purchase them because I really love this polish! The whole "Color Addict" line, from what I could see of the selection at that particular retailer, is that they all have a strong golden shimmer. I'm a fan. A big fan.

L.A. Girl Extreme
3 coats, no topcoat

I would classify Extreme as a cornflower blue/periwinkle with a strong golden-almost-leaning-green shimmer. This polish is a little thin so you do have to build up the coats if you like a more opaque look. I'm in love with this polish: I own nothing else even close to this beauty and am glad she is mine.

Just a note, my 500 follower giveaway will be posted March 1st! Keep your eyes peeled!

Have you seen Color Addict polishes near you? Do you own any? (If so, which shades. I'm nosy like that, haha.)


  1. This is a really pretty shade!! I haven't seen Color Addict polishes anywhere :(. From swatches I've seen they have some really pretty shades.

  2. Love this colour.. it looks like it has like a golden shimmer to it? Amazing.. !

    And this is random but we have almost exaclty as many followers and pageviews.. how strange.. our blogs are blog soulmates haha.. Take Care x

  3. I love the gold shimmer! I think periwinkle is a wonderful way to describe this! I live in North Carolina and I know of this brand but I've never seen any.

  4. Love the golden shimmer!! What a nice twist!

  5. This is so pretty! It really reminds me of another polish, but I can't think for the life of me what it is.

  6. This is a really pretty blue! I think the shimmer really makes it pop. I own this as well, but I purchased it at Forever 21 under their brand of polish.

  7. This one is pretty... No I haven't seen any around here so I'm jelaous :-P

  8. What a lovely color! The shimmer is beautiful!


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